Dermatology and Aesthetics was one of our most requested topics in our annual member survey. I am happy to announce that I am partnering with Dr. Tyler Hollmig, who is one of the top dermatological specialists in Austin. Dr. Hollmig will be guest lecturing to our practice on the importance of routine skin checks in order to maintain proper skin health and appearance. Dr. Hollmig will be offering free skin checks to my concierge members as a special, added value service. 

Dr. Hollmig trained at Stanford University and is currently the Director of Dermatology Surgery and Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology for UT Dell Austin. He offers advanced, highly aesthetic and surgical reconstructions, along with Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology, including treatment of wrinkles, sun damage, red and brown spots, scars, unwanted skin lesions, birthmarks, unwanted hair and other aesthetic therapies. Dr. Hollmig will be providing information on utilizing laser treatments that are both safe and effective for everyone in treating various skin conditions. 

Dr. Hollmig Presentation

Dr. Hollmig was kind enough to come in to the offices of Roxana Rhodes MD and give a forty-five minute talk on the topic of regular skin exams. Watch the informative video below.

“Met Roxana yesterday. She is kind and knowledgeable. Dr. Rhodes listened and seemed to trust that her patients know their body best which is of utmost importance I believe. Appreciate her expertise!”

– Blythe Thompson-Burchanowski, Austin, TX, from Facebook.