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October 2018

Best Wishes to our latest Med Student!

We are sad to say goodbye to our latest Medical Student Sareena Adnan from UTMB, but we are happy she is progressing in her studies.  Sereema has been great to have in the office for the past few weeks. Sereema grew up in Las Cruces New Mexico, and attended high school and college in Houston, Texas. She graduated from the University of Houston with Honors in Biomedical Sciences and a minor in Medicine and Society.

Her interests include Global Health, Community Involvement, and Spoken Word. She also loves deserts!

Roxana Rhodes MD is now a Concierge Practice!

Our new personalized medicine practice is now official. What a tremendous response we’ve had! We’re looking forward to building on our new patient relationships, for our current patients and the new ones soon to come aboard.

If you are a new member and have questions on your contract or need help transitioning, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to talk with you in the office or by phone at 512-453-3542.

If you’re thinking of joining us, read more about why we’ve transitioned to our new concierge model, or read about how to become a member.