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April 2019

We are now 100% Paperless!

I am very pleased to announce that our office is now 100% paperless in terms of your patient records – the picture is of our last 3 boxes of paper records being sent to the shredder. All records have been transferred to our state of the art Electronic Medical Records system, and are available to you on your patient portal. This has been an important goal of mine for some time, as Electronic records are very helpful to patient care:

  • Your records are available to me and your other medical providers 24×7. If an emergency comes up, I can quickly coordinate your care with the hospital and any specialists.
  • The records are also available to you the patient to access at your convenience – and you can alert me if anything is missing or incorrect.
  • Your records are backed up to secure cloud storage and are safe in the event of fire or some other problem at our office.

Thank you to my staff member Suzanne who was instrumental in getting the project completed.