Local Artist Door Prize

Some of you may know Beth Rinke, a very talented local artist who is also part of the practice. I was fortunate to get my hands on one of her wooden art puzzles with an Austin theme. This will be one of our featured door prize on October 10th. It is really an incredible piece of art, which also can help build brain function (according to this NIH study).

If you haven’t RSVP’ed to the Thursday October 10 open house, you can do so on this link. Hope to see you there!

Some background on Medical Assistant Colleen Viejo

Most of you already know Colleen well – she is my primary Medical Assistant, and she helps me with everything medical in the office. Here is some of her background directly from her:

Hi everyone! My name is Coleen Viejo and I’ve enjoyed working as one of Dr. Rhodes’ medical assistants since May 2018. I graduated from the University of Texas in 2018 with a degree in Psychology, and have made Austin my home ever since. I grew up in Dallas, but I was born in the Philippines and moved to the USA with my family in 2004. I’m bilingual and can still fluently speak my native Filipino language. Growing up with parents who are both nurses, I was always interested in the medical field and found that my passion to help others would be a perfect fit.

While the doctor’s office may not be the number one place to visit, I strive to make sure each of our patients are comfortable communicating with us and seeing us when they need to. Since the practice became a concierge practice, I’ve enjoyed getting to know each of our patients more and coordinating care with our patients’ other providers. Most importantly, I’ve been amazed at the impact it makes to be able to have more time with our patients to ensure we are giving them the best care we possibly can.

Outside of the office, I love to work out, hike, and swim. I enjoy reading and watching movies, and of course, going to Texas football games (hook ‘em!). I’m also a huge foodie and love trying out new places to eat!

My favorite quote is “A warm smile is the universal language of kindness” by William Arthur Ward.

Welcome to Alyssa Floyd

You may have already met Alyssa – she joined my practice a few months back. Alyssa is responsible for many of the front office activities in my practice. Here is some background on her.

Alyssa is a native Texan and grew up in the Austin area. While attending Texas A&M University, she studied Nutrition and developed a passion for health care. Alyssa is also a Certified Fitness Coach – she works on maintaining a healthy lifestyle by constantly creating new recipes in the kitchen, and upholding a regular workout routine through weight training and yoga.

In her spare time, Alyssa enjoys hiking with her dog, Apollo the Pomsky. She is an avid reader and meets with her book club once a month to dive into new adventures.

Fun Fact: Alyssa is half-Mexican American and knows Baile Folklorico , the traditional Mexican dance that combines folk dancing with ballet moves. Also ask her about Mexican food, she knows a lot about it!

Good Luck, Eric (Our Latest Med Student)

We are sad to see Eric go, our latest medical student from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Eric was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. and graduated from the University of Texas  at Austin.

He describes himself as a ”foodie” and enjoys trying new foods. He spends a lot of his free time exercising, and plans to compete in the upcoming Austin Half Marathon. He likes to try new things. In fact he is currently teaching himself the didgeridoo (see the picture). He wants to eventually come back to practice in Austin. We wish him well, and I look forward to seeing him in practice after he completes his medical training.

Beware Genetic Testing Scams!

Some of you may have seen the recent headline in the Austin American Statesman: Feds Allege Medicare Gene Test Fraud. Apparently some local Austin folks with Medicare were caught up in it. They were enticed into testing, and unfortunately provided their Medicare information to some shady organizations. The Statesman says that health fairs, church events, and senior centers are like magnets for these fraudsters

There are several major drawbacks to the cheap or free Genetic testing services that you may be offered, if it is not ordered by a physician that you already know and trust:

  1. You may have put your sensitive insurance and medical information into the hands of a fraudster that will sell it on the black market
  2. You may have opened yourself up to fraudulent claims that will get you in trouble with Medicare or other insurance companies.
  3. Your legitimate genetic testing claims may be denied in the future.
  4. You have no guarantee that real genetic testing was ever done.

The fact is that Medicare and most insurance companies will not pay for your genetic testing, unless you have a strong family history of a certain genetic disease and/or already have symptoms of a condition like heart disease or cancer. In some ways this is unfortunate and short sighted on their part – the benefits of genetic testing are proven in many studies, and we are starting to see a few insurance companies take the lead in this area.

In the mean time you will have to pay something. However, the cost is now only a few hundred dollars for comprehensive testing, so for many folks that can afford it, it make strong sense to get it done. If you are part of my practice, you can get pharma-genomic testing for free (with an annual payment plan).

If you are interested in this, check out our page on Precision Genomic Medicine.


First Anniversary Celebration – Thursday October 10

Roxana Rhodes MD would like to invite all patients past and present, colleagues, and friends of the practice to an Open House event. This will be a fun event with snacks from locally famous TacoMan 512, wine and beverages, healthy living door prizes, and more. Stop by if you can!

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, by celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

I personally am celebrating my family history as a fourth generation Hispanic physician. I was able to learn a lot about the practice of medicine from their example:

  • My parents, Drs. Raul and Alicia Lopez-Guerra of Corpus Christi.
  • My grandfather Dr. Raul Lopez-Guerra. He was a physician in Fort Worth during the Great Depression, and was well known for helping the less fortunate in his practice.
  • And my great-grandfather Francisco Lopez, who was a physician in the Neuvo Leon/Guanajuato area of Mexico.

Roxana Rhodes, MD

Last Precision Medicine Seminar – July 31

By now, you have surely heard about our new Precision Genomic Medicine program which launched May. Since launching, we have had a number of patients take advantage of the program through Pharmacogenetic and Comprehensive genetic testing. Patients found out several things about their health that would would have been impossible to detect otherwise.

I will be holding one final information session this Summer, on July 31. If you want to hear more, please join me at the office for the talk. Please RSVP at the link below.

Sponsoring JCC Austin

I am excited to announce that in July my practice, Partners in Health, has started sponsoring our local Austin JCC organization. The Shalom Austin JCC has been a great resource for my family over the years, and also has been very good for the community of Northwest Austin, serving everyone from families with young children to the less fortunate. They are doing some good work, and we were happy to sign up both as a corporate sponsor, and as a corporate donor for their Generations capital campaign.

I have a number of current patients that are JCC members. We are also welcoming new ones. If you are interested, please visit our JCC membership page for more information.

Roxana Rhodes, MD.

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Fourth of July, whether you a choosing fireworks, hot dogs, parades, the Willie Nelson picnic, or all of the above!

Our office is closed on the Fourth, but of course you can reach me as always via mobile, text, or email.

Roxana Rhodes, MD